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Manufacturer of modular, custom built walk-in coolers, freezers, temperature controlled rooms, and refrigerator monitoring systems.
Manufacturer of industrial refrigerators, and modular, custom built walk-in coolers, freezers, temperature controlled rooms, and refrigerator monitoring systems.

Industrial Applications Refrigerators.


Commercial Applications Remote and Self-contained Units.
Manufacturer of modular, custom built walk-in coolers, freezers, temperature controlled rooms, and refrigerator monitoring systems.



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Installation Process


Modular Constractions.



Save 2,000 on insatllation with self-containd refrigeration system.

Glass Door Walk-in Units.
 Refrigerators, Walk-ins
 Processing Rooms.
 Storage Warehouses

As a manufacturer of walk-in freezers and coolers, Commercial  Refrigeration Equipment Mfg., is uniquely qualified to meet your commercial and industrial refrigeration needs.

Custom design and manufacturing of refrigerated structures, such as:
 Walk-in Coolers and Freezers
 Cigar Storage (Humidors)
 Convenience Store Coolers
 Floral Display & Storage
 Refrigerated Warehouses
 Blast Freezers
 Processing Rooms
 Plate Freezers.

In Addition:
 Cold Storage Doors - In fitting, Overlap, Sliding, Bi-part, and others
 Replacement Swing Doors on Frame

Quality Is Our Standard:


As a manufacturer of walk-in refrigerated rooms of all sizes and cold storage doors,Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Inc. takes great pride in maintaining a high standard of quality in each and every product we make. From the smallest step-in cooler to the largest food processing plant, our goal remains the same: to consistently provide the highest quality at the best possible price. Our highly experienced staff inspects each walk-in before it is shipped to assure that you are pleased with your purchase. Within each of our product lines we strive to offer a variety of options to fit not only the application but also to meet your budget. Quality of workmanship does not have to be sacrificed in order to provide an effective and economical alternative. Every experience with Akvatek Refrigeration should not only be pleasant for you but profitable as well.

Exporting Is Easy With Akvatek Refrigeration:
Akvatek Refrigeration has many customers who export product all over the world. We are familiar with the special needs and requirements to handle export and strive to assist our international customers in every way possible. Our shipping personnel are experts at loading product into containers designed for shipping items overseas. When packing your order into a container, we take every precaution to assure its arrival in the same condition as when


it left. It is only through years of experience that our staff makes exporting look easy.

Customer Support:
At Akvatek Refrigeration Industries our customer support starts with your first phone call. Our knowledgeable sales staff will review with you what your exact requirements are. They will ask important questions to assure that whatever is quoted to you will, in fact, handle the job you need to accomplish. We take the extra time and care to provide you with the correct, as well as the most cost effective, solution. Our staff will provide you with a computer-designed layout of your walk-in for your final approval before we start manufacturing. This gives you a final opportunity to be 100% certain of what you are purchasing. Akvatek Refrigeration builds each walk-in to meet your exact specifications so that you may take complete advantage of whatever space you have available. Whether its the proper sizing and selection of an evaporator for an 8' x 10' floral cooler or the design of an extensive pallet racking system for a 30,000 sq. foot cold storage warehouse, having the proper person to assist you before you buy can make all the difference in the success, as well as the final overall cost, of your project when it is operational. No matter how small or how large your refrigeration needs are, we at Akvatek Refrigeration Industries are here to see to your complete satisfaction.

Wholesale / Retail:
As a manufacturer, we sell to both retail and wholesale customers. Our customers come from a variety of backgrounds:
 End Users - such as: floral shops, restaurants, convenience stores, bakeries, food processors/wholesalers, etc.
- such as: hotel and restaurant suppliers, floral suppliers, funeral home suppliers, refrigeration suppliers, etc.
 Contractors - General, mechanical, refrigeration, etc.
Whatever category best describes your company, our staff understands what you need from a supplier in order to stay competitive within your industry and keep your customers satisfied with the products and services you are providing. We understand that having a good product is not the only qualification that you consider when choosing a manufacturer. We are sensitive to the issues you face when working in this industry and in all cases strive to maintain a high level of integrity when working with our customers.

If after reviewing this summary of our company's products and services you feel that we may be of some assistance to you, please contact us.

Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Inc. represents a variety of refrigeration equipment manufacturers, such as: Bohn, Copeland, Kramer, Tecumsech, Dole and others.
 "Self-contained" refrigeration systems
 Plastic Strip Curtains
 Pallet Racks
 Dock Seals
 And more


The refrigerated structures at Commercial Refrigeration Equipment, Inc. are designed and manufactured to meet your specific requirements. We offer various options in metal, insulation, panel construction and door styles so that you always get exactly what your application requires; eliminating the need to adjust your level of expectation or your budget to meet the restrictions of a particular product line. After reviewing all of your requirements and the details of the operation which your walk-in will be accommodating, our experienced sales staff will provide you with the proper recommendations on room sizes and construction, refrigeration equipment required, door options, pallet racking systems (if applicable), accessories, etc.

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers

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