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Walk-in Cooler Door, 36'' x 78''/ Replacement Door With a Frame.
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: Door36c
Price: $1,030.00
Shipping Weight: 150.00 pounds
Special Order: 14-16 days lead time.
Optional Diamond tread kick plate $100.00
Optioanal viewport (window 12'' x 12'') $150.00
Doors and frames will be metal glad with 26 gauge; white stucco embossed galvanized steel. Heavy-duty hardware has a corrosion resistant protective coating. Freezer door will be equipped with 115-volt heater cable. The Akvatek hinged personnel door is designed intelligently and built to last. The door is U.L. Listed and labeled and is recognized as one of the finest in the industry. Akvatek hinged doors are warranted for ten (10) years. All Akvatek hinged personnel doors are foamed-in-place, Infitting, self-closing, flush-mounted with magnetic gaskets and are of modular design. The door section is interchangeable with most standard 47 in. x 84 in. wall panels (consult factory for exact interchangeability). Akvatek can easily design and locate any of our doors almost anywhere in a wall, within 11 in. of the exterior corner on a 4 in. thick wall. Optional door sizes include:

  • 36in x 84in
  • 42in x 84in
  • 56in x 84in
  • 36 in. x 78 in
  • 42 in. x 78 in.
  • 56 in. x 78 in.
  • 36in x 72in
  • 42in x 72in
  • 56in x 72in


Akvatek offers custom door sizes to meet any requirement.

All Akvatek hinged personnel doors are foamed-in-place with CFC-free urethane foam. This manufacturing technique eliminates any structural wood in the door and enables Akvatek to attach the door to the frame with (A) heavy duty, self-closing, cam action, gravity hinges that are bolted to steel plates with machine screws, ensuring maximum strength and eliminating sagging

.Door sections are internally pre-wired at the factory for 115-60-1. Field connections arewalk in cooler, walk in freezer doors made in the light fixture base, which serves as a junction box.

Standard exterior door hardware includes (B) 36 in. high aluminum diamond-tread kick plates in and out, and (C) a heavy duty locking door latch handle with a keyed cylinder lock.

All walk-in doors include a factory installed (D) 2 1/2 in. dial thermometer and (E) pilot light and light switch.



Doors are equipped with a (F) heavy-duty hydraulic door closer to ensure a gentle, positive and complete door seal. All Akvatek walk-in doors and frames are reinforced with high impact ABS plastic. This framing provides extra support and rigidity to prevent warping, racking or twisting. By reinforcing the doors and frames with high impact material three additional benefits are achieved:

The ABS Lining: Reinforces the door and frame to resist the day in and day out impact of carts, hand trucks, and crates.

Thermal efficiency: ABS is an efficient insulator. Use of ABS in the door frame eliminates the need for heater wires in most applications creating a thermal break between the warm metal skin of the walk-in on the outside and the cold metal skin on the inside. This thermal energy efficiency also enables Akvatek to use very low wattage which is less costly to operate. The heater wires on our freezer doors are wired to a temperature sensing device that prevents overheating prior to startup of refrigeration, during occasional maintenance shutdowns, or in the event of a compressor failure.


Walk in Cooler, Walk in Freezer Swing Personnel Door Constuction Details. Manufacturer of commercial walk-in coolers and freezers, blast freezers, refrigeration warehouses, industrial refrigerated buildings, cold storage facility, display and floral walk-in coolers. Incorporate Integral Channels: The door and frame have channels which are designed to accept the armored heater wire and cover made with heavy gauge magnetic stainless steel. This cover is easily removable when necessary for access to the heater wire. The channel in the door is designed to accept easily replaceable snap-in and snap-out magnetic gaskets.

Another feature of our door is (G) a vapor-proof dome light centered over the door which insures efficient illumination and prevents interference with shelving and vinyl strip curtains hardware. Akvatek incorporates a (H) 5 watt safety night light into the dome light to eliminate the possibility of employees being accidentally left in complete darkness, unable to safely find their way to the door or the (I) safety release lever.

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